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Sometimes that mall Santa just isn't enough to add that sparkle of magic to your child's eye. Lucky for you, I have an in with the big guy, and he comes to visit my studio every November for special, one-on-one experiences with my clients.

First, we get a portrait or two of your little angel all dressed up in their holiday best. Once Santa arrives, he will read your child a story, and offer them some cookies and milk. You can relax on the studio couch with a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the show. Santa even brings a small gift for each of the children. It is a magical experience for everyone involved, that will not be forgotten.

You can help us make this Santa Experience memorable and magical for your child! Before your session, send me an email with some details about your child's year so that Santa can talk to them about it. In the middle of Potty training? Did your child win an award this year, or join a team? Boy Scouts? Brownies? First hair cut? First Dentist appointment? Let us know, so that your child knows that Santa is always watching.

This special holiday session only happens once a year, and spots fill up very
quickly, so contact
Caitlin Creations TODAY
to book your magical Santa Experience Session!

[email protected]

Come join the fun this year at Caitlin Creations Studio! Because here, we capture memories that last a lifetime!